Neon Toys. the Neon Sign for a Car

If you want create a new sign for your car it will be interesting to use an EL-panel. I made an experiment with it.

What you need:

  1. EL - panel by size 10x10cm or more with 12v invertor
  2. Piece 10x10cm of black self adhesive film
  3. Picture that you want to see as sign. I selected these 2 for experiment: Baby in car and Dragon
  4. 2 hours of time

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Step 1: Create Neon Sign

  1. Print selected pictures on a lazer printer.
  2. Cut template out and glue template to self adhesive film.
  3. Cut template out from self adhesive film.
  4. Glue self adhesive film to the EL-panel
  5. The result you can see on photos.

For me the result is remarkable.

For addition you need to find 12v power supply at home or solder car cigarette lighter connector.

El - panel and invertor are very lightweight and may be glued to a car glass by Scotch tape.

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    Question 6 months ago

    How did you make a shape of that dragon?