Neopixel Fallout Nuka Cola Quantum 2 Liter Lamp

Introduction: Neopixel Fallout Nuka Cola Quantum 2 Liter Lamp

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You would think irradiated foods are shelf stable but this one seems to glow in various colors.

A quick project to complete when you are on the run.

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Step 1: Nuked But Not Shaken...

This little prop was thrown together from things I had lying around.

An empty 2 liter soda bottle (pop bottle, depending on how far the fallout reached)

Some fiberfill batting to stuff the bottle as diffusion for the Neopixel lights

A string of neopixel LEDs with a microcontroller - I had my Adafruit Flora set up with two segments of 60/meter Neopixel strips with 30 Neopixels on each segment. A 16 Neopixel ring was also attached. I had ripped the setup from my previous project.

I ran the demo while powered by the USB cord but my 3 AAA battery pack attaches to the JST power connector on the Flora for portable use.

To make:

I tried to mod the original Coca-Cola label with some correction tape but that didn't do a good job of sticking or looking good when the light shone through it. There are plenty of complete labels/templates of Nuka Cola out there to print from the internet.

Cut a slit down the back of the bottle. Sand the cut edges a little or cover with some clear tape so you don't cut yourself on the hard edge that is there.

You can then press in one side of the cut, flex the bottle, and stuff with the fiberfill.

Loop your Neopixel strips and position in the batting. The Neopixel ring is placed in the lower portion.

The Flora was programmed with some simple color wipes and theater chases of different colors. Even running the demo Strandtest sketch for Neopixels is pretty cool.

Run the lights and go back to adjust the lights in the fiberfill for best effect.

You can go all fancy and make an atomic base for your bottle. Maybe incorporate a light up switch with an arming cover for authenticity.

Step 2: So,

Go find your way to the maker vault.

Make your Nuka Cola lamp today. Well, drink up first.

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