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Introduction: Neoprene Cup Cozy

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 Don't you just love a nice big cup of coffee? I mean a BIG cup of coffee? Me too. The problem is my cup is so big the coffee gets cold before I get to the bottom. Here's a solution.
A cup cozy.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed


Sewing Machine


Really big coffee cup
½" Velcro® (or other hook & pile fastener)
Spandex bonded neoprene rubber

The material I used was Spandex bonded to both sides of a sheet of Neoprene. It's the same stuff wetsuits are made of.

Step 2: Cut the Bottom

 Place your cup on the material and trace the perimeter of the base with a marking pen. Leave some space around the edge because you're going to need that material.
After tracing the perimeter of the base, cut around your marking leaving about ½" of space around the edge.

Step 3: Cut the Side Wrapper

 Lay the cup along a straight edge of the material and mark a line down the length of it. Use a straight edge to keep it neat.
Next cut the material, again leaving a ½" buffer of extra material.

Step 4: Notch the Fabric for the Handle

 Take your cut strip of fabric and align the marked line with the bottom edge of the cup.
Mark and cut a notch to allow the fabric to slide under the handle.

Step 5: Cut the Fabric for Length

 Now that you've notched the fabric for the handle, wrap the fabric around the cup and cut it so it overlaps by about an inch.
Notch the other side of the fabric for the handle.

Step 6: Burn the Edges

The beauty of this material is that it's rubber and it melts. This is an advantage. Instead of hemming, we can just melt it to seal the edges. Be careful because if you hold the flame there too long, it could catch fire. That wouldn't be good.

Step 7: Attach the Velcro

 By now we have created the side wrapping of the Cup Cozy. It should overlap itself under the handle and seal itself with the Velcro.
Cut the Velcro to the length of the area under the handle and sew it on to the material. 
Points to remember.
  1. We sew this thing together from the inside, then turn it inside out.
  2. The Velcro is attached to both sides of the fabric. The hook is on one side. The pile is on the opposite side and at the other end of the fabric.

Step 8: Sew the Base

 The two flaps at the bottom from the previous step still need to be sewn together.
Wrap the fabric around the material and mark it. Sew the material together at the mark then trim the excess.

Step 9: Attach the Bottom

 Conventional sewing wisdom dictates the use of straight pins to attach two pieces of material together before sewing. I didn't have any, so I used staples. Staples are way more manly anyway. If you did this right, the perimeter of the side will be roughly the same as the size of the base.
Attach the two together. Sew along the lines that you previously marked. 
After sewing, trim off the excess material.

Step 10: Turn It Inside Out and Slip It On!

 You're done!
Turn it inside out and slip it onto your cup. Fill it up and enjoy that big cup of coffee.

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    4 Discussions


    10 years ago on Step 1

    Where do you get neoprene w/ spandex?!?


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 1

     It's the same stuff wetsuits are made of. I get it from a retailer here in Sacramento called Blue Collar Supply. 916.383.1442


    10 years ago on Introduction

     Nice idea, I made something similar a few years ago from felt, but that wasn't this durable or stain-resistant... but mine was more colorful (bright red heart on a bluish background) :) I'd probably put some "Danger! High voltage!"-type deco on this one.
    (Also, if you have the power to change the default pic for this 'able, please do so, because as of now, the thumbnail in the listings only show the two empty cups.)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Marsh, this looks so cool! :D
    I'd try this, but I don't drink coffee... (Hot chocolate? ... maybe ^_^ )
    Anyways, just a shout out to say nice job, and just a "by the way" thing, I love your youtube videos and must say thank you for helping me learn how to tie a tie and shave :)
    Thanks again dude :D