Neoprene Tablet Case

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Neoprene is a useful material--cushioning, insulative and relatively inexpensive. You can salvage neoprene from an old wetsuit or set of waders.It can be used to make a variety of useful objects. In this simple instructable, I show how I made a case for my tablet computer with some spare neoprene.









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Step 1: Measure and Cut Neoprene

I bought some neoprene at a garage sale. It was in the form of two velcro-fastened belts that are supposed to help you lose weight (they don't, they just make you hot and sweaty). I knew they would be good for something. I laid one out and placed my tablet on it. I folded the neoprene over, leaving a little to spare, and marked it. I used a straightedge to draw a line across it and scissors to cut it.

Step 2: Glue Neoprene

The key to this instructable, and using neoprene in general, is Aquaseal glue. It is available in the sporting goods section of many stores, as it is used to repair things like waders and wetsuits. It is a permanent glue and forms a bond that appears to be stronger than the neoprene itself. Thus, it can be used to make neoprene into a variety of shapes.

I applied a bead of Aquaseal along two sides of the piece of neoprene. IMPORTANT: put the glue on the side that you want to end up inside of the case, as later the case will be inverted to put the seam on the inside. I folded the neoprene over and held the glued edges down with bricks. I have bricks covered in fabric that are very useful for such projects. I let the glue set up overnight, turned the pocket inside-out and had a case for my tablet.

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