Introduction: NerdsClock

Google Calendar Checker with New Event Notice to play sound the buzzer and display with the refresh time, that changes color as update .To stop the buzzer just shake the board to use the accelerometer and off the buzzer .

Another option is to use touch to change the remaining time display for calendar update with the current date and time.

Step 1: Setup KIT

Inicial Setup with Groove KIT.

Step 2: Setup KIT Inside

Inside Box View

Step 3: Setup KIT

Top View:

Touch Sensor Connected into Digital 4;

Buzzer connected into Digital 6;

Display connected into i2C;

Step 4: Full Project

Project running on Intel Edison with Groove KIT.

Step 5: Running Project First Time

The first thing before you running is:

Import the files in the New Project, if you choose the Template, use the .xdk file to load the full project to Intel Iot XDK, but if you are choose the node.js project delete the .xdk and .xdke files before. The next step is Build the project, and then build and Run. At the first time that you running project you will need insert a google authorization calendar, copy the code generated in the console and past into the web navigator, and the google will created a valid access token to be able your google calendar. If this steps running like a charm, the LCD Display change to your google calendar events.

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