Nerdy Vampire Plushie




Introduction: Nerdy Vampire Plushie

I got bored one day and I decided to make to make a plushie. Here is what I made.
P.S. Please ignore the tags on the photos, they are acting weird.

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Step 1: Get Fabric and Supplies

I used fabric from a previous school project. Sorry I don't have more pictures. I decided to make this instructable after I made the plushie.

Keep the seams of fabrics like the seams of jeans, they come in handy when decorating.

Supplies I used (you can use what ever you want):
-Old blue denim jeans, cleaned
-Old black pillow case, cleaned
-Old patterned boxers, cleaned
-Old white undershirt (t-shirt, not tee shirt), covered in paint (lol)
-Quilt stuffing I got from trying to fix an old couch that I got at a fabric store
-Size 18 needle
-Black glossy thread
-Tacky glue and tape

Step 2: Make Your Shapes

I used a thick piece of paper, not cardstock. If, you don't have thick paper, just be careful when tracing the designs onto the fabric.
So use the paper to make the designs, so you don't waste fabric. I made a "pacman ghost" shape and another shape like the ghost without the points at the bottom. Then I traced the shapes onto the black fabric. I then cut them out.

Step 3: Pick Your Fabric

I used the pillow case as the main body and the bed. I used the seams from the jeans for the eyes and the edges of the bed. The arms and the legs are the seams of the boxers from around the leg section. the teeth are from the white shirt.

Step 4: The Body

the designs on the paper are traced twice onto the black fabric. the ghost shape is for the bed and the solid shape is for the body.
sew around the curved edge. stuffed the plushie, and then sewed across the top.

Step 5: The Eyes

I took about an inch of the jean seam for the eyes. i inserted the needle through the top of the eye, went into the body and came out through the eye. never exiting the body between the inserts. i tied the thread three times at each end to ensure the thread stays in.

Step 6: The Mouth

i made fangs on the white shirt and i sewed the thread along the fangs to hide the thread. i then trimmed along, but not close to the lines.

Step 7: The Limbs

I simply added the limbs by sewing them on.

Step 8: The Bed

i glued the edges of the ghost shape together with the seams of the jeans the top of the "head" of the ghost was folded over onto each other and then covered with the seams.

Step 9: Your Done!

now you have a vampire plushie! mine looks nerdy so i called it that. keep in mind this is my first instructable and tell me some tips on what to do better and what i should make next!

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