Nerf Apocalypse Gunsmithing Table

Introduction: Nerf Apocalypse Gunsmithing Table


Except for the pegboard all of the wood used was either reclaimed or recycled wood from other projects.

We based all of our measurements off of the height of my brother and I. You will have to adjust your measurements accordingly.


My brother and I love to play with our Nerf guns. We have watched our dad work on his gun at his workbench and we thought it would be great to have one for our Nerf guns. We wanted to be able to hang our Nerf guns up and have a space to work on them as well. My dad had to go to the field and train, so my brother and I asked our neighbor if he could help us build the table. We had a lot of fun building the table.

Step 1: Materials


Wood: I used old reclaimed wood.

Pegboard: This was the only purchased piece of wood. However, since it was damaged, we got it for a discount.

Screws: I used 3 inch and 1 1/2 inch.

Power drill/screw driver.

Saw or power saw.

A place to work and some free time.

If you have one or two people to help, it only takes about one to two days. We used one weekend.

Step 2: Building the Frame.

Take four wood pieces and cut them to your measurements. This will be the table top.

Screw the pieces together one at a time to make a box or rectangle.

Then screw one piece in the middle of the frame this will help make it more durable and will help with the table top.

Step 3: Adding the Legs

So you should have your measurements on how high you want it, then screw the leg in place straight with the inside of the frame like in the picture. The second picture shows how I screwed the legs.

Step 4: Leg Supports

Take a piece of wood and screw one side of it to one leg and the other side to the other leg like in the picture.

Do this on both sides.

Step 5: Add the Wood for the Table Top

I used wood from a 1950s high school in El Paso, Texas. I cut it into the right lengths to cover the top of the frame and screwed it into the frame and the middle supports.

Step 6: Add Poles for the Peg Board

Screw three poles of wood to the back of the frame, then screw the pegboard to the poles.

Step 7: It Should Look Somewhat Like This

See the peg board is attached the pole and is flush to the table top.

I don't have a picture of the back, but take a long piece of wood and attach it to the back legs with screws.

Step 8: Add the Nerf Guns

I used some pegboard hooks to hang them up.

The spray paint is optional.

Step 9: You're Done! Yeah!

Now it should somewhat look like the first picture.

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