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Introduction: Nerf Arsenal

About: . I like to mod Nerf a lot. I do indeed like Nerf more than Airsoft. One thing that ticks me of on Instrucbles are smart alches and mean people some I shouldn't mention but thats off topic. I whatch Youtube...

This is my nerf arsenal.

1.Heavy assault.
2.My painted guns.
3.My favorites.

The longshot is my primary.



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    In the painted ones, what are the top and bottom ones called? I'm interested in getting some and those look cool.

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    It looks like he has a Longshot painted and modified on top, and a modified, painted nitefinder on the bottom.

    Uh in the 4th pic it showes ur foot seriously?

    Pic one gun 2 what it it

    I have a:
    deploy - modded
    Raider - modded
    7 nitefinders- all modded
    a tomy 20 - modded
    longsho t- modded
    hyperfire - modded
    magstrike - modded
    recon - modded
    9 mavericks - all modded
    2 stampedes - both modded
    a home made pistol
    and a vulcan i'm currently working on

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    Nice man

    I've got
    1.recon cs-6 slightly modded(first gun so no AR removal)
    2.2 mavericks 1modded 1not
    3.nite finder
    5.secret strike
    and 2 reflexes.