Nerf Assassin Kit

Be it halo, nerf, or anything else, assassinations just rock. The feeling of hitting an enemy from the shadows is unresistable. This is my kit I use on my assassinations. It can be used in almost any situation or battleground. I usually add my custom rifle or demolisher to create a full weapon set, and also add a handgun and holster.

Step 1: Container

I used a hobby box. Any tackle box will do.

Step 2: Weaponry

I like the triad and boom co pistol for there accuracy, range, and silence in comparison to others. Substitute at will.

Step 3: Distractions

I used a hex bug and a load of crap. Each, when tossed or dropped, makes a different noise. Bbs, dice, and plastic toys all make good, loud noises. The idea here is to make a nonhuman sound to lure your victim.

Step 4: Throwing Knife

Make one! I use two Nerf data connected with a knex rod and duct tape, or a fully knexed one.

Step 5:

Step 6: General Equipment

A combat knife, para chord, a caribiner, some fishing line, duct tape, rubber bands. Also a flashlight and monocular.

Step 7: Ammo and Special Weapons

I also carry ammo for whatever weapon I may run across. As far as special weaponry, I fire a small blowgun, slingshot (nerf bullet heads as ammo), a combat knife and runner bands (snap;).

Step 8: Grenade

Whatever type you like, use it. This is a last ditch effort.

Step 9: Optional

Alongside my primary, pistol, and this kit, I like to use my iphone and headphones. iPhones allow teams to keep in contact mid mission and also have gps and a flashlight. The app earspy allows one to amplify noises nearby, a great way to anticipate your target.

Step 10: End

Thanks for reading, comment below. This is my first ible, let me know how I did.



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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Yeah definitely post again! Very good!


    3 years ago

    Lol sorry about the bad photography! Was in a huge hurry on this one.


    3 years ago

    Hey guys, just wanted to add that as a fairly veteran Nerfer I might make a couple more instructables. Next will be on assassination tactics and will use this kit a lot. Let me know if that'd interest you.