Nerf Assault Rifle - the NEC-18

Introduction: Nerf Assault Rifle - the NEC-18

About: I like building knex guns and modding nerf guns. I play Call of Duty and Minecraft. I also own a minecraft server.

Do you need a Nerf gun that looks cool and kicks massive amounts of @$$. Here it is, the NEC-18, my rival gun to some of the NK3AE's supertak guns.

NOTE-I am not an actual enemy to NerfRocketeer, this is all in good fun. Go check out him out, he's got cool mods and nerf instructions and even some innovative Knex designs, such as a camera tripod and a medicine cabinet.

Lets get started :D.

Go to for the NK3AE.

Go to for the NEC.

Step 1: Materials

If adding the mods-

Epoxy or other strong adhesive.

Soldering iron and solder if not using adhesive


Wire snips

PVC pipe

*I have only done the overvoltage mods, the rest require me to wait for warmer temps (its the end of winter here in Michigan)

Small, high voltage battery pack, like the one in RC cars. You may need two.

Mandatory stuff-


Recon or retaliator barrel

Raider stock

Cool stuff-

Centerfire Tech Scope (nitron)

Light beam sight (recon)

Bipod (stampede or centurion)

Red dot sight (sold separately)

Foregrip (retaliator

18 dart mag, or 25 dart drum (the 18 mag is sold separately, but is packaged with some Nerf guns, the 25 comes with the rampage. 35 just looks tacky, as the drum is not centered)


Whatever you want

I will be using krylon fusion when warm temps come. black body, silver or green stripe across the side with the phrase "NEC-18". It will say Nerf Elite Corps somewhere on it.

Painter's tape for details


I noticed something about this. I drew out some sketches for my rebarreling and painting this summer. When I wrote them up for this gun, it kind of looks like the HBRa3 from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, minus the banana mag. I am planning on buying a Demolisher, so there ya go. Both a custom gun and the first nerf HBRa3.

Step 2: Mods

I closed up my gun already, and I'd rather sit at my computer than open it back up. I put my tools away, so I would have to hunt them down to show the stuff.

When you open the gun, you will see a dart pusher, some small electronics, and the flywheels. Right around the trigger, you will see a small chip. Cut the wires from this, it is called the Thermistor. Put the wires together and solder or glue them so they reform the circuit. You can pitch the thermistor if you want. Go to the wires that attach to the battery compartment. Carefully extract them from there, and reroute them directly into the compartment by drilling two small holes and inserting the wires into the compartment. Take the higher voltage battery and attach the wires to it, but don't make it permanent! Just make sure it is snug.

Future mods

Add a piece of PVC pipe to the barrel to lengthen it or re-barrel the whole thing. This is just aesthetic, and will probably reduce the range by a few feet.

Step 3: Gun Assembly

I am using the raider stock and recon barrel. This would look better right now with a blue stryfe and retaliator barrel, but I do not have those.

My attachments are a light beam sight, a sling strap, and a scope.

Put the stock and barrel on and desired attachments and you have a kicka** gun.

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    I will be doing the painting this May, most likely. I have removed a few locks I have not accounted for. Sorry about the poor quality of this, next time I take this gun apart, I will post pics of modded version. Keep in mind a few things.

    1: the most important lock to remove is the dart lock. This is used to lock the trigger if the mag is empty. This sometimes, however, malfunctions and doesn't push in then there is a dart. It is the flat thing near the jam door. Remove all of the parts attached to it.

    2: mag sensor removal allows for revving the flywheels without a mag in the gun. This is an electronic lock, so use something to push down the small black switch in the silver controller thing. I used a generous amount of tape. A more professional approach is de-soldering it and taking the whole thing out and soldering the wires back together, but I do not have a soldering iron so i just jammed the switch up instead.

    3: trigger lock removal allows trigger pull without a mag or dart inside. This is a mechanical lock, just pull the parts out.

    Please note that the small panels covering the locks are still required as they also guide the parts and keep them from wiggling loose. Thanks for your support.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I'd love to see the painted version. Just be careful outside, seeing as some might be frightened by the black coloring.


    5 years ago

    Recon barrel->too much friction. Use longstrike

    Don't get the Crossbolt. I watch Nerf reviews (Drac, Coop, NBP) and some say it sucks. The mag falls out, the positioning of parts sucks, and it is actually powered by the string. If cut, it will NOT work anymore.

    Source-Coop's review of the gun


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I say a crossbolt mod that used a bungee-cord style string, It had metal reinforced bars and to load it, you had to put your feet on the bars and pull the back up really hard.


    5 years ago

    Try my Submachine Gun. It fires farther than this.

    Oh, and with the paint job this summer it will be even better. I will leave jam door, triggers, and barrel tip orange to tell it is not real.

    Sorry, I don't own either of those guns. I just picked up a FlipFury tho. ON SALE AT TARGET!!!


    5 years ago

    wow real nice homie gotta maje this