Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 Air Restrictor Removal & Power Mod




Today I finally got the nerf barrel break IX-2. I am going to mod this Blaster step by step for you guys if you want to mod yours too.

Step 1: Basic Dissasembly

First you want to remove all the screws from the left side of your blaster and remove the side cover. Now, you want to remove your first Piston/Plunger Assembly by simply pulling it out.

Step 2: Dissasembling (Continued)

Now you want to remove your Barrel/Trigger Assembly. After you remove your Tactical Rail accessory lock And barrel lock assembly.

Step 3: Dissasembling (Continued)

Now you want to unscrew and remove your middle divider. After you remove your second piston/plunger assembly. After that you take both Plungers out of the pistons and remove the o-rings from the plungers and you remove the springs from the pistons.

Step 4: Air Restrictor Removal

Now you want to take your plugers and drill out the air restrictors.

***WARNING*** Do NOT use a drill bit LARGER then the inside circumference of the inside of the barrel or your darts will be LOOSE in the barrel and FALL OUT.

Step 5: Power Mod

Now you want to take Thread sealent tape and wrap it around where the o-ring goes. And re-install the o-ring. The tape will push out the o-ring to create a better seal against the inside of the piston.

Step 6: Power Mod (Continued)

Now you want to super glue the holes closer to the front of the barrels to stop air from escaping early when firing (whitch would reduce power)

Step 7: Re-assembling the Blaster

Now you want to slide the plungers inside of the pistons. After you want to place the second plunger and spring back inside the right side of the casing.

Step 8: Re-assembling (Continued)

Now you want to reinstall your middle divider piece. After you want to reinstall your barrel lock assembly and your Tactical rail accessory lock back in place.

Step 9: Re-assembling (Continued)

Now you want to reinstall your second piston/plunger in the blaster on top of the middle divider. After you want to reinstall your barrel/cocking assembly.

Step 10: Re-assembling (Continued)

Now you want to reinstall your trigger/trigger lock springs. And your trigger assembly.

Step 11: Finished!

Now you reinstall your side cover and screw it on. Now you have a powerful Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 :D Have Fun!



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    4 years ago

    behind the big springs that push the plungers put around 3-5 pennies and it will increase the power

    2 replies