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Introduction: Nerf Bayonet

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This "mod" if you would call it, revolutionizes Nerf wars by having a melee option on your gun. When this was made there was not any other Nerf bayonet on Instructables.

Step 1: Materials

1 Nerf Sword (I used the Zombie Strike Machete) or you could use the index finger from those foam hands you get at baseball games. Duct Tape or Hot Glue. Any Nerf Gun (I used the Magnus). Scissors (opt.).

Step 2: Prep

First get a good working area. Next if you are using hot glue find a outlet to plug it in to. If you are using scissors please do not run with them. Also be safe with hot glue!

Step 3: Building

First start by cutting the sword as long or as short as you want it (this step is optional). Next check to see if the hot glue gun is heated up (if you are using it). Once you are ready glue\tape the sword onto the side or bottom of the Nerf gun. Make sure the blade is not in the way of the dart when it comes out. Wait for it to dry, once it is done have fun!

Step 4: Repair

If your bayonet falls off or breaks off, just use more glue or more duct tape.

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    5 years ago

    Lol. You should see nerfanator's bayonet. I have him in my followers and following. His is much cleaner.


    6 years ago

    What kind of gun is that