Nerf Bayonet

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Are you tired of a boring old Nerf gun that has a tactical rail on the bottom. Then boy do I have a mod for you!

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Step 1: Supplies List

A Nerf gun with a tactical rail on the bottom, super glue, Nerf zombie strike machete, a small saw, a knife, a small flashlight, and a tactical rail attachment piece

Step 2: If You Were Wondering I Got My Tactical Rail Attachment Piece From a Broken Long Strike Sight I Found at a Thrift Store

Step 3: Putting the Tactical Rail Attachment On

I don't have pictures of me doing it but take your knife and cut a long oval hole in the middle of the top part of the blue on the machete. Then take your superglue put it in the oval hole then place the oval shaped part of the underside of the tactical rail attachment piece into the oval shaped hole in the machete. Let it dry

Step 4: Put the Flashlight On

To put the flashlight on, cut a long area out of the side of your choice with the knife. Then superglue the flashlight into the area that you cut out of the machete. Let it dry

Step 5: Cut the Handle Off

Use your knife to cut around the handle until the plastic beam is showing. then cut another circle a little further away and tear the foam out. Lastly, use your small saw to cut through the plastic been running through the handle be sure that there is none sticking out. Save the handle.

Step 6: Cutting Off the Bottom

Use your small knife and carefully cut off the bottom use the picture for guidance

Step 7: Making the Foregrip

Cut the foam on the handle down further and cut a deep slit in the area that you cut off earlier. Cover the plastic tab on the handle with superglue and insert it into the slit. Press it together to dry then coat the entire handle with duct tape

Step 8: Place It on Your Gun and Have Fun!

Thank you for viewing!

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    4 years ago

    I almost did the same thing just without removing the handle so it could be used as a bayonet and a melee weapon


    4 years ago

    stop spamming com mate is very beast!


    4 years ago

    Man, that retaliator looks like it means business with the bayonet you've made. Very, very cool.