Nerf CS-35 Sawn Off Mod

Introduction: Nerf CS-35 Sawn Off Mod

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this is a poor instructable of how to make your raider a little more cooler by relocating the cocking mechanism.
I also did this mod because unless you've modded the barrel to be air tight with the firing barrel you're gonna loose distance.
 i appologise for the lack of descriptive photos, but it's a reasonably simple idea an im sure you can figure out anything i've been vague on.

you'll need the following:
craft knife
a CS-6 stock
the attachable flick up sight (i got mine from the cs6)

NOTE: please see additional photo if you're confused about the last two items.

Step 1: Lets Do This! Cutting This Bad Boy Short

ok so unscrew the gun an open it up. take out the extended barrel (not the one the dart goes in). now look closely at my picture to see where you're going to cut. remember to cut a small section of the barrel to replace the giant one you took out , mine's about 41mm long. once you've hacked up your gun, trim any burrs with a knife and then super glue each half to its corresponding opposite (only glue the blue parts.. dont glue in the orange peices).

wow this is hard, i hope you're still following with me.

Step 2: Relocating the Cocking Mechanism

this part is easy, cut out a slot on either side of your gun, mine is 117mm long and starts 70mm from the front of the gun.
the next part is a little hard to describe, so i hope you can more or less guess what i've done...
have a look at the addititional photo ive provided. basically i just cut and used a section of the peice. maybe if you look at the other picture you can see what part ive used... to be honest, you could use anything to do the same job... this was just the first thing i found that i thought might work.
anyway, if you worked it out, you can superglue it in i guess, just make sure if you screw it in, trim the screws that will no doubt go through the bottom, cos your clip has to fit in there....

Step 3: Last Part!

take your cs-6 sight... and unscrew it to remove the black and orange sight thing... reassemble... i then used fire and melted/molded it to be more smoother on my hand...

Attaching it to the gun (gun is assembled at this point):
ok so on the bottom of the sight there is the clip, and a raised bump... cut out the bump so there's a small rectangle hole... i then used fire and heated up around the rectangle, then i pushed the heated rectangle slot over the piece on the gun which was protruding. now it's molded on but can still be removed if needed.... tada!  you should now be finished...

again so sorry for poor descriptions....

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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 3

    thank you for this i read this and just did this mod. with one exception i used the rod it came with and put the cocking mecinism father back. but this instructable gave me the insperation and the idead it could be done. thank you


    9 years ago on Step 3

    no needs for apolagy's, this instructable is easy to follow when creative, it is certainly a good mod, but a little too destructive for my account, anyway, nicely done, and dont apolagize, sorry if i mis spelled anything, im from the netherlands


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

    You spelled correctly, thankyou for the compliment, you are very generous.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    pritty cool it is a nice mod but needs a paint job.