Nerf FIRESTRIKE Mod "Venturi Effect"




Super easy way to mod your Firesrike......

--If you don't believe me you can wikipedia "Venturi effect",
Most people are only moding the barrel and spring!!!!!

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Step 1: The Restrictor

Everyone knows that this is obviously the first part when moding a Nerf gun....

--Start with cutting out the center. Then work you way outwards so that the dart will fit but have slight resistance.
If your going to use a custom barrel the size will vary.

Step 2: Making the Venturi

--The back resrictor is made of two halves. You'll notice it's similar to other nerf guns like the Nite Finder containing three openings
and blocked in the center.....

Simply cut through the center and try to keep the hole the same size as the front piece. Everyone does this so it's no secret>

I prefer to use Quick Steel to fill the holes of the back piece because it cures fast and it's easy to sand or Dremel when needed.

Step 3: How the Venturi Effect Looks


Step 4: What It Should Look Like

After you fill with with epoxy your going to need to use a Dremel small sanding bit--- and with the Dremel at a fixed position, Slowly spin the Nerf piece rotating it until it looks like the picture below.....This took me about 10 minutes.

Step 5: Another Look

This is really the KEY to maximizing you Nerf Gun.

Step 6: Taking Out the Spring

I have a video on YouTube to show you how easy it is.

--First your going to have to pre-loosen the little tabs on the inside. There's three of them that need to be pry'd back. It's going to smash the orange tip inwards a bit but that's what needs to be done. See Picture.

Here's the link to the Video:

Step 7: Stock Spring Lenght

The stock spring when taken out measures at about 2.5 inches uncompressed.

--Here's a trick! 

1. Pull the spring outwards enough to measure 3.25 inches.
 ( any more than that and you risk hurting the spring rate )

2. Leave the spring alone for about five minutes or so because youv'e just introduced heat the the spring when pulled.
ohh and don't pull back and forth just try to do it in one pass.

3. Recompress to spring with your hands till it's fully compressed down and won't go any further. HOLD for a a minute or 2.
Then release slowly and the spring should settle between 2.75 to 2.90 inches.

Step 8: New Spring Lenght

So here's what mine came out to be.....
It measures at 2.75 inches with no problems.

Remember I don't recomend pulling the spring out to much because there's only so much the spring can be adjusted to.

Step 9: Adding JOLT to the Firestrike

Now that thats settled I combined a spring from the Nerf JOLT:)

--The tension will be so tight that you have to make sure that the screws are tight when you put everything back together.

My suction cup dart ranges are considerably farther now!!
Elite darts go Twice as far!!
And Whistler darts are amazing!!

Step 10: The Rod

Just to let you know it's going to look like this but you can always epoxy the piston head back on if you ruin it too much.

The one shown still holds like stock so I did'nt have to do any of that.

Step 11: Front Plastics

This piece can be removed with lots of manipulation but to make things easier-- Just cut the side of the hole at an angle. It will be fine (no worries) and it can be removed repeatedly.

If you feel like painting your gun!!!

Be sure to check out my artwork at the following:

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23 Discussions


2 months ago on Step 3

Although the chambered sides might make it a little more efficient the venturi effect would work in both instances, the air hitting the solid wall in your picture would form it's own funnel for other air directing it through the opening.

I work with fuel pumps and done alot of work with different openings. As long as theres a smaller hole velocity will increase.


Question 1 year ago on Step 2

Can you use silicone glue instead?


3 years ago

Wait... I have a question that might be dumb. What's a restrictor?

1 reply

Reply 1 year ago

An Air Restrictor is a part of the nerf gun that actually helps to prevent dry firing. It is commonly removed in most any modified nerf gun. Taking it out usually doesn't increase too much range in elite guns, although in this instructible, the venturi effect may help.

Anyways, removing the AR (Short for Air Restrictor) is a common mod that can sometimes increase range and allows for stefan compatability when removed.


5 years ago

i have a firestrike but i have no idea how to mod it

4 replies

Reply 2 years ago

same here. I don't really want to tear it apart :T


Reply 5 years ago

Hmm the instructable is a little on the advanced side I guess....But if your used to modifying a Nerf Nite Finder it should be fairly similar. If you want mine I'll sell it to you for 20$ as long as you live in the U.S. -You can see a pic if it at go to the gallery page and you should be able to see it along with some art work of mine. -My gun has been dyed red with SEM quality not Duplicolor. It has a PTEG re-barrel and uses a 9v to light 4 UV blacklight Leds that are used for Firefly streamline darts!! Plus everything found in the instructable as thats the same gun.....It shoots Awesome!!!


Reply 3 years ago

If you are still making that offer I will buy it for $25.


Reply 3 years ago

Andrew, LoL....I wrote the insructable a long time ago...!
-The Gun had been painted and A Black light added for the Glow darts! -My offer still stands

--Contact me on Etsy so we can close a deal. "randyfivesix"

-Just click the custom request link.... U.S. sales only


Reply 6 years ago on Step 11

Yeah for now I wanted to do just the basics for the instructsble...most people already know the rest...because theres tons of tutorials on Nerf guns :)


Reply 3 years ago

i dont what the heii is a Nerf gun ??????????????????????????????


Reply 3 years ago

just kiding i have one but dint want to risk ruining it


Reply 4 years ago

How is this plagiarism? He is not claiming that the nerf firestrike is his idea, so by definition its not plagiarism. Hes not really doing much to the gun as it is, this is just making the gun work at peak capacity.


6 years ago

Ummmm... look: no offense, but... ahhh... can you... um... show us the finished product?! Thanks,

1 reply

Sorry I never posted any pics. It's mainly because the instructable was just for taking out the spring and the venturi theory.....I never metioned that I put UV led's and replaced the barrel with a clear tube. The original in the pic was pieced apart and sold to someone.....But I have a personal version that I'll post for you with all the features. - ohh yeah your instructables are one of the cleanest I've come across for nerf.

T da B

6 years ago on Step 11

Nice mod--you've inspired me to buy a Firestrike!

T da B

6 years ago on Step 5

I'm not convinced that this is an improvement, since the Venturi effect also applies to a plunger cap that isn't beveled. By Dremeling the cap, you introduce dead space that only serves to hurt ranges.