Nerf Front Gun Compartment Mod

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This tutorial will show you how to make a 5 dart compartment and sliding door for the dual blaster.

Step 1: Cut Off Top Back of Gun

pic 1: this is the look and amount that I'm cutting off from the top back half of the gun.

pic 2: top is gone and I'm going to grind those other pieces inside, without affecting the trigger mechanism (the orange stem inside.

Step 2: Check for Fitting

I slipped the door in checked the fitting and also to see how I will secure the door to slide nice and easy.

This fit was not good since it is too tight and it sits too low inside the compartment.

going with this look, I would have to cut and shape too many things.

I will use this idea though. I will also use this slide direction.

Step 3: Measuring Slidin Door

I took the waste of the longhsot cs6 and I'm going to use it to secure the door.

pic 1: I grind the inside of the recycled piece so the door can slide inside of them.

pic 2: I put the door inside to ensure a good fit and good slide, and to see where I need to cut.

After measuring the bottom of the sliding door, I cut off the top section of the recycled piece right under the bottom of the sliding door slides.

I also reused the front gun's top section that used to connect to the front of the longshot as an extention.

Step 4: Attach the Pieces

I cut off the piece that looks like a bent edge and attached it to the rail of the compartment.

First, put the door on top of the compartment and place the cut off edge over the door's lip.

Use a soldering iron and melt the plastic edge to the side of the compartment.

After the melt hardens, check that the door can slide without obstruction.

Leave the door in place and melt the other side.

Pic 1: shows the long edge melted to the compartment's edge and the longshot piece is towards the front of the gun.

Pic 2: Look carefully at the far side edge, you can see the groove where the door's lip will slide between.

Step 5: Attach the Housing

Pic 1: shows the housing attached with the door inside of it. I left the door in and melted the housing to the side of the compartment. Just the outside edge of the housing so there is no obstruction.

Pic 2: shows the door closed and fitting just right.

Step 6: Eject Spring Adoptation

Pic 1: I straightened out a large paper clip and wrapped it three times around a small screwdriver (skinny metal part).

I purposely made small loops for the spring action for 2 reasons: first, the spring had to be very flexible to close all the way down. second, the spring had to be small as to not take up any room from the dart cartridge box.

Note: Assemble the spring at the screw attachment after you cut the whole and grind everything down to prep for box assembly.

Pic 2:see that everything is set and that the box can eject all the way out.

Now anyone can pull darts out without problems.

Note: I measured the space inside the compartment, constructed this box comprised of credit cards and a D&B power card exact shape of the space. At the bottom corner you will add a paper clip that runs all the way across or two screws on each side of the gun that just touches the box on both sides, screw from the outside of the gun going in just touching the box (Secure with hot glue or super glue).

How is that you say? get the dremel and trim the screw end so that it just touches the box (On each side). Or, heat the end of the paper clip and run it through the side of the gun going through the bottom corner of the box and to the other side (But, not all the way through: You don't have to).

Step 7: Video of Dart Cartridge Eject

Here is a test of how the cartridge is supposed to function.

I still need to add the end cap to keep the door from sliding off the gun.

When I'm done, I will update this step with another video of the finished compartment setup,

and a video of the gun's performance.



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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This mod is actually really expensive. You bought an entire Longshot, simply to take a few parts, and use them to make an extra dart compartment on the terribly ranged and powered Longshot front gun? Sounds like a wonderful project for Bill Gates

    5 replies

    Sorry my friend, I did this tutorial for people who already owned the longshot and didn't know what to do with their front guns as did I. However, I modified the compression (Shoot farther), melded them together, and found that you can create a dart compartment (As you will need it).

    If you don't own a Longshot than this is not for you. I recycle everything.

    lunadudegenetic inception

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for clearing that up, is there a way to do this with PVC piping or something similar?

    genetic inceptionlunadude

    Reply 3 years ago

    You might have to type in what ever gun you want to mod along with PVC.


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    "We have a be nice comment policy.

    Please be positive and constructive." Those may have been broken, Spare etc... I've seen your instructable and it's not as original as this....

    I understand where luna is coming from. It seems I did not specify in tutorial that this project was for those who have front guns and don't know what to do with them.

    Thanks for the support. This is why I'm in Instructables.