Nerf Grenade Launcher

About: I like building knex guns and modding nerf guns. I play Call of Duty and Minecraft. I also own a minecraft server.

Do you want to dominate the Nerf battlefield. Then build this grenade launcher. Add it to your next mod project, or just use it alone.

Step 1: Firing Tube

Obtain a 1 1/4 " piece of PVC pipe. Two feet is more than enough. Cut a length of it 6 inches (15.5 cm). This is the firing tube. Take a PVC cap and a Reflex IX-1 (because it is cheap and easy to gut for parts) spring. Use a hot glue gun or other strong adhesive and adhere the spring to the cap. Let it set for 1-5 days, depending on the adhesive. Use PVC cement to attach this to the firing tube.

NOTE-You can assemble it all at once and let it dry, PVC cement sets quick.

Step 2: Trigger

To make a trigger, use a fine cutting bit for a dremel and saw out two small slits in either side. The shape below shows how to cut them. Reverse the pattern and use it on the other side. The top part of the slit should be even with the relaxed spring's height. Take a small rod, preferrably metal and put it through. If desired, attach a string to the rod and the body of the launcher so the rod cannot be lost.






Step 3: Firing

To fire, load desired projectile into the tube.

The rod should be pulled into the recessed BLUE part of the diagram

Pull rod to fire



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