Nerf Grenade/Hand-blaster!!!




You are pinned behind a makeshift bunker as your enemy flings dart after dart your way. Suddenly, a break in the onslaught. He's run out of bullets! you take the opportunity and pull out your hand-blaster, run up to his cover, and POW!!! He doesn't stand a chance. This Nerf Grenade/Hand-blaster is a perfect last resort or ambush weapon. By simply turning the base you can fire a shower of bullets up to thirty feet!!! To be honest this is actually just a different version of my original instructable,
Since no one else has come up with the idea, I figured i'd post it.

Step 1: Supplies:

You are going to need:

(6) Nerf darts or Stefans (I find that Stefans work MUCH better, you can cram more into the barrel)

(1) Launcher/Handblaster (To find out how to make one, follow this link

Just remember, follow the directions up to step 5, and you don't need airsoft pellets, duct tape, or the Easter egg.


(1) Velcro (Use this to attach the blasters to a belt, your gun, or whatever is convenient.)

Step 2: Follow the Link

So first, you are going to need a hand-blaster. Follow this link and complete steps one through five.

Step 3: Reload Spring and Insert Darts

Just read the other instructable to figure out how to reload.

With this launcher there is no need for the Easter egg, due to the fact that the darts hold themselves in.

You can load six stefans, or 5-6 Nerf darts. I HIGHLEY suggest using stefans, regular darts kill the range by about 10 feet. Has not been tested with micro darts or streamlines, though.

Step 4: Optional Step: Velcro

This part isnt required for the launcher, but can be quite helpful. Just put a piece of velcro onto the launcher, then onto a belt, a strap, a gun, etc. This makes them easier to access. Just an idea though.

Step 5: FIRE!!!

Simply turn the base, and POP!!! The darts satisfyingly pop out of the barrel, and the darts reach out up to 30 ft. , with a minimum range of 15 ft. You'd have to be a pretty bad aim to miss with this launcher. On a side note, It gets about the range of a Nerf Hornet, for about 1/20, of the price, half the reload time, and twice the portability! It's very easy to make multiple launchers after making one, i could make one in about ten minutes. Watch the videos for a better idea of the power. GET READY TO PWN SOME NOOBS!!! I am not responsible for any injuries. JUST PLAY SMART!!!



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    19 Discussions

    Big Baneser

    5 years ago

    Cool but I think the streamlines would fishtail and fly maybe 5 feet at an angle elites however would probably shoot as far as most other stock darts


    7 years ago on Introduction

    cool see mine @

    based on this launcher

    made one : D

    so easy, but it's hard to take out that pesky bottom. It's easier if you push against one side and then push the other. It should pop out.


    8 years ago on Step 3

    i have the same darts and the same popper nerf grenade thing.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    If you want more of a grenade effect, load the darts into an easter egg with a spring in it (to increase blast range by pressurizing the egg), close it, and put a thin, weak piece of tape on it just enough to barely hold it shut (if it stays closed by itself don't tape it) The egg will likely explode on impact even without the spring, but the spring would give extra blast radius.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    in this situation, i keep a 2 ft black pvc pipe in my backpack. I load in a dozen bullets, and blow! works like a shotgun. But still, your design is amazing.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    you could make the stefans into packets somehow., then mount the entire thing under a gun as a grenade launcher


    8 years ago on Step 5

    My nerf hornet shoots 80ft Modded,


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Gotta say i love this thing. I stopped at my local party city and they actually had the party poppers clearanced out for a quarter a piece. I ended up buying like 40 of them and have modded them all out to these.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I mad this and I could fit seven darts and it shoots great. My brother got a hold of it and shot flour inside of a cupcake paper thing and totaly covered me awsome