Nerf Grenades + Shotgun + Bouncers

Intro: Nerf Grenades + Shotgun + Bouncers

This instructable will teach you to build some cool Nerf 'ammo'

Step 1: Shotgun Jolt.

Get a jolt and a dart. Remove the tip of the dart, cut the foam to wafer thin slices, and load them up! It's that easy!

Step 2: Socks.

Roll up socks and wrap them in tape. These can be used in most game types.

Step 3: Bouncer Darts.

Get some small plastic caps. (Mine were from a knockoff £1 blaster) Use hot glue to put these on some darts. These will now bounce on hard floors.

Step 4: Elite Vortex Bombs.

Put three darts in a vortex disc and cap it off with another disc. These will explode when they hit the ground.



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    8 months ago

    this is reallly cool! could anything else be used instead of the vortex discs? i dont have any vortex ammo left for my lumitron...... i lost all of them. but i am planning on buying some more. but i really like the grenade idea and i think it is really unique. do you think i might be able to make the disc shape with tape and cardboard?