Nerf Gun Mod: Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot




Introduction: Nerf Gun Mod: Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot

From Target about 15 bucks and modified using Model Masters paints with a single action airbrush, lots of dry brushing, sanding and filling using Squadron Putty, low adhesion 3M masking tape.  

Now I have a zombie killer which works well!



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    Wish I knew of this before doing my gunblade mod to my zombie strike pistol

    Cool! Darn! You beat me to posting the first Zombiestrike HS mod! Oh, well. I'll be next.

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    All testors model master.
    Grey primer spraypaint.
    Buffable gunmetal spraypaint and regular gunmetal for touch ups,
    the green is green zinc chromate, (shot with a single action airbrush)
    the silver bits are steel
    the brass bits are brass (cylinder was lightly airbrushed brass over the gunmetal)
    the handle is dark tan and leather.
    lots of drybrushing with a combination of steel, rust, and flat black