Nerf Gun Sights

Introduction: Nerf Gun Sights

The aim of this instructable is to add sights to our Nerf CS-35

We have used Sugru and Lego (because we can)

Step 1: Kneed the Sugru

After opening the little packet of Sugru it is important to kneed it for a little while.

Split the first lump into two, you will need half each for the front and back sights

Step 2: Front Sight

First we mould some Sugru around the front end of the Tactical Rail of the Nerf gun.

Once we have a nice bed we place a 2x3 tile of Lego on top, careful to centre it with the length of the barrel

Step 3: Rear Sight

Again we make another bed out of Sugru at the rear end of the Tactical Rail.

This time we place a 2x4 tile into the bed of Sugru.

Step 4: Making the Front Sight

We need these Lego parts.

We put the tiny dot on the dimpled tile.

Then we mould some Sugru round the dimple.

And create a point.

As you can see we got the first try wrong by 90 degrees.

As they say, "if at first..."

Step 5: Make the Rear Sight

We made the rear sight out of Lego.

Both of these sights are removable if you want to use the tactical rail leaving just the new mounts.

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