Nerf Handgun Case

Introduction: Nerf Handgun Case

I made a fine-ish Nerf gun a while back. It looks nice, but it was a bit delicate to leave just sitting around. On top of that, I saw Adam Savage make a case for his Blade Runner handgun on Youtube, so I had to try and make something similar.

That being said, it's not really made of awesome material, but it's surprising what you can make with scrap and regular stuff from the hardware store. The panels are plain ol' half-inch plywood, and most of the accompanying features are made from scraps of oak. My father-in-law had some flat-head square screws and macrame cord he wasn't using, so those went into fastening everything and making the handle.

My father-in-law found was making boxes with hand-made hinges and encouraged me to try my own. I was going to make one for the handle and lid, but I ended up only making them for the front hatch. I went and made a hook by hand after deciding that metal hardware was too bright of a finish.

You can tell this is a gun that's not meant to be shot by the choice of darts. They look great in photos, but they're just too dark to risk getting lost in the park or back yard.

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    armored bore
    armored bore

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Unfortunately, I didn't take any in-progress photos. This was done by the seat of my pants as usual, so I wasn't expecting it to come out well at all. I guess I should change that from here on.