Nerf Jolt Airsoft Gun




Introduction: Nerf Jolt Airsoft Gun

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Step 1: Gather These Tools and Materials

Nerf jolt, nerf dart, pipe or straw big enough to fit an aiirsoft bullet, or small bead, but small enough to fit in the dart, paperclip, scissors, drill and 2mm drill bit.

Step 2: Dart Decapitation

Cut the tip off the dart.

Step 3: Drill a Hole

If you have not removed your jolts AR, and the pin inside the barrel is still intact, this will not be necessary. If you have, drill a hole about a cm from one end of the pipe. If this step is not for you, skip to step 6

Step 4: Paperclips!

Cut the paper clip so it looks like this:

Step 5: Insertment

Insert the paper clip into the hole you have made so it looks like this. You will have to bend it to achieve this.

Step 6: A Spot of Plumbing

Insert the pipe onto the nerf dart, like so.

Step 7: Load It Up!

Put the airsoft bullet into the jolt, and insert a bb.

Step 8: Fire!

Step 9: Headless Dart

If you pull the excess foam off the dart head, it fires that as well!

Step 10: Blowdarts

If you remove the paperclip thingy, it fires my blowdarts quite well. See Best Blowdarts Ever! For how to make them.



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    sorry if this is a stupid question but is there a way to stop the bb from rolling out? thanks!

    You may reinterpret hmbmideas :)

    FYI Kiteman I make insructables so people can make epic junk

    If I do say so myself!