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Introduction: Nerf Longshot Modification

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Please go easy on me 'cause this is my first instructable. This is similar to the modification by carrtoon on nerfhave, but it was indepent invention (I didn't use his mod).
Here is a video of it firing on and knocking down a styrofoam target. Note- there isn't any sound to this video. When it fires, it makes a loud gunshottish noise. Doesn't teh bullet go fast?

Step 1: Unscrew and Salvage

Unscrew the body of the recon and remove the spring. Save the barrel extension. Don't leave the screws lying around so you won't confuse them with the Longshot's screws. for some reason, the notes arent working on the image below so I put them here- this isn't my picture and take the large spring out.

Step 2: Unscrew Longshot

Remove all the screws from the longshot., removing the bolt by pulling or prying the 2 sides apart. If all the pieces fly all over the place, gather them in a pile. We'll deal with that later. Sry, no pics for this. NOTE---- Read step 4 before step 3, as reordering the steps wasn't working.

Step 3: Inserting Spring

Thanks for the picture, carrtoon. Take the plunger and separate it into 2 pieces. Take the recon's spring and insert it inside the longshot's spring. Reinsert into plunger chamber and secure with the screws.

Step 4: Removing the Air Restrictor

(deep breath) Thanks for the picture, Remove the bolt and plunger chamber from the gun and pull them apart. Take an electric drill and clear through the bolt, removing everything so it's a tube. Unscrew the back of the plunger chamber and remove the plunger. See the black thing at the bottom? Turn the plunger chamber upside-down and tap the bottom so the other thing falls out. drill out everything in the thing (another air-restrictor) so it looks like a funnel-shaped thing. Put the black connector thing back in the plunger chamber and reconnect the bolt and the plunger chamber, greasing the intersection as much as possible. (breathe out)

Step 5: Reassemble Longshot and Finish

Put the longshot back together. This (from AR removal step) picture really helps if when you opened it the pieces exploded all over the place. Take the barrel extension from the recon and attach it to the end of the longshot, as a tribute to the $20 you wasted and to make it look cool. Have fun! Note- not responsible for injuries or death caused by this awesome modification.



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    SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-a snake

    If you want to boost the longshot's power, do that mod and then cut off the front of the barrel with a dremel like this. It boosts it's power like 45%!!! Plus, as an added bonus, it kinda looks like the patriot from Metal Gear Solid!!! The only downside, you must sacrafice the clip-loading part of the gun and load in throgh the barrel after you pull the bolt back. The clip is just for looks.

    nerf ultra mod 001.JPGnerf ultra mod 002.JPGnerf ultra mod 003.JPG
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    just cut it closer to the front of the gun, just in front of the dart tooth

    It does look like the patroit gun from MGS all we need now is some sort of infinite mechanism lol.

    Did this without wasting money, by getting an OMW Alpha Trooper kit and using the original spring from the AT in my longshot. Also, with this setup you don't need to upgrade the catch spring.

    You can actually just take off the black "shoulder stock" connector and take the spring out. It is alot easier

    will the main spring form the long shot's crappy little pistol attachment work in place of the recon spring? i want to keep my recon working.

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    no, too small. DON'T DO THIS MOD! it's a waste of $20. I've modded mine with a spring I bought and it gets about about 100 feet with air restrictors intact (I screwed up a longshot by taking them out). Captain Slug is an awesome guy. he posts on nerf haven all the time

    Here's a suggestion, if you go to a good hardware store just look for a good spring that will work. I should cost $1-2 to get.

    Good instructable, although your own pics would have been nice. Also ranges and more descriptive words would be appreciated. However props, because you're one of the first to post a longshot mod on this site (I think). I'm pretty much doing this same mod now accept I'm using an NF spring (I have three laying around and I'm not about to go blow 20 bucks on a recon). I'll probably post a write up on instuctables which will include pics. Finally, I'm pretty sure the recon barrel extension will hurt range because the dart will bounce around.

    So I take it the Recon Barrel fits on the end Long Shot gun with out a single mod? That's good to know for cosmetic reasons. I like the look of the barrel to that useless second gun of the Long Shot.

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    Seemed to me that the second barrel doesn't actually do anything. In fact, I thought it made the shot worse... I've not REALLY tested this though, am I wrong?