Nerf Lonshot Intergration.





Introduction: Nerf Lonshot Intergration.

About: . I like to mod Nerf a lot. I do indeed like Nerf more than Airsoft. One thing that ticks me of on Instrucbles are smart alches and mean people some I shouldn't mention but thats off topic. I whatch Youtube...

This is my longshot I got for Christmas. It is my primary. It is pretty much flawless. I used a linked trigger design. That means a wire that is linked between the intergrated gun and the longshots main trigger.



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    Ive just got a nerf longshot but my maverick fires further than it. Also when i fire it it makes a weird springy booingin sound. Should it do this ?

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    This happened to me with m longshot. Yes my longshot had 10ish feet range which is horrible.

    yeah I finally made a epic longshot it shoots sonic micros 60-70ft Streamlines probably in the 100s not for sure but it is my baby I love it

    i gust simpoly removed the air ristricters and lubricaded the air toob and my gun shoots 110ft now its f****ing beast