Nerf Mag Pouch

Introduction: Nerf Mag Pouch

today I am going to show you howto sew a nerf 6 dart Mag Pouch

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Step 1: Fabric

choose a fabric you like

Step 2: Pattern

the big ones are 5.5" long and 3.5" wide
the small but bigger than the rest is 1" wide and 3.5" long
the ones on the sides are .5" wide and 5.5" long
the one on the bottom is .5"wide and 3.5" long

Step 3: Cutting

cut out the pattern

Step 4: Pinning

now pin it to the fabric

Step 5: Time to Sew

start sewing the way I layed them out

Step 6: You're Done

now go shootthem up like crazy

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