Cardboard Nerf Maverick Holster





Introduction: Cardboard Nerf Maverick Holster

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Hello everybody,

Today I will be making a Nerf Maverick Holster

For this you will need:

-Nerf Maverick
-Duct tape or gorilla tape

Step 1: Getting Started

First cut cardboard into good size to work with and wrap around gun with the handle sticking out, then take a peice of cardboard the size of the open side and tape on Then get a peice of cardboard for the bottom and tape on.

Step 2: Wrapping It Up

Now get duct tape and cut into long strips that will wraparound the entire holster and do that untill it is covered

Step 3: Belt Loop

Now cut a peice of cardboard that is about 4 inches long and tape on

Step 4: Your Done

Now slide your belt through the loop and and load up, your ready to win the battle



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    7 Discussions

    somtimes my spring gets that sounds wrong :P ugh.

    my slide broke too but you could just get one of those nerf vests then carry lots of guns & ammo

    1 reply

    Yeah, My slide broke so we fixed it so now it wont spring back it stays back. Its cool.