Nerf Maverick Power Mod





Introduction: Nerf Maverick Power Mod

I've looked around on the internet, and i have noticed that the only mod's avalible for the maverick are the barrel mod & stuff that deals with "air restrictors." I decided to change that.
By doing this mod, you will increase the power & distance of each shot. The only down-side is that you have pull the slide back hard & sharp.

Step 1: Un-Screw

Just go ahead & un-screw the gun (nothing internal, though). Don't forget the screw under the slide, i always do

Step 2: What You're Doing

Pretty much, you're just adding about 1/2" of stuff between the yellow plastic & the spring. In order to do this, you'll have to cut most of the "plus" off of the female part of the air tube. Leave a little bit (about 2mm) so the spring as something to catch on to

Step 3: How Much to Add

I added about 1/2" of stuff. I used a magnet, and the end of 2 shells from the Air Blasters Double Shot. You could use pretty much anything, but i would advise against coins because they tend to be too big.
*EDIT* A lot of people are saying that they used pennies, and the they worked fine. So just whatever floats your boat, i guess.

Step 4: Experiment

Not all thing's are going to work with your gun, so experiment. In order to check if you have too much stuff in your gun, put it back together (without screws). When you pull back the slide & you don't here a "click," then you need to take something out.

Step 5: Finishing Up

After you've found the right amount of stuff to put in your gun, screw it back together. Also, don't forget this piece.
Troubleshooting: If you can't pull back the slide, then you might not have the trigger spring in place



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    So rather than adding a stack of change to the back of the spring, I very carefully extended the spring by twisting it out. (If you do this incorrectly, or unevenly, you can ruin the spring and it'll then shoot duds) Its still easy to engage and the shot goes about 2x to 2.5x the distance it did before the mod. Just saying, maybe you can alleviate the need to wrestle with engaging the shot.

    It took me bout' 3 hours but i got it shooting farther and harder that ever

    uhh idid it with a 10 eurocent coin but when i pulled and pulled the tirgger the sound was superloud. is this suppose to happen

    you need to add padding to the inside of the plunger to cushion it when firing. if not the life of the gun will be shortened greatly

    1 reply

    I just put pennies I didn't cut th spring and It shoots much farther

    All I did was stretched the spring so it was 2 times as long and I stuck 5 pennies in there to.

    4 replies

    its not shooting as far and as powerful as it was before i did this. thanks for letting me know

    Try going to Orange Mod works. Or even cheaper, if you can find the spring gauge and get a stronger one at the hardware store, you should be golden. Nothing stronger than a 5KG spring. AND add some felt. like a layer or two to cushion the stronger force.

    its not shooting as far and as powerful as it was before i did this. thanks for letting me know

    There was a buddy of mine who modded his Maverick like this and bragged so much about how far and fast it would shoot. So naturally, CHALLENGE EXCEPTED! I told him that if he could shoot me with it then i would give him 20 bucks. (What he did not know is that I spent a week dodging darts at a campground I worked at. I not only dodged all the shots I even caught the last one! But this is a good mod for beginners looking to wet their modding appetite!

    Be careful you can break it from the power happened to me

    amazing. effing amazing. my brother wore out the air part to the point where 90% of the time the dart didnt have enough power behind it to leave the gun using brand new darts. to test i went to the doorway of my 32ft hallway and landed all six shots in the back of my brothers head at the other end. I take $0.04 over a new 10 dollar gun anyday. i have some new ideas for my crossover knex guns..

    Thank GOD! My Mavrick was SOOOOO sucky! then i opend i up and the freakin' spirng was twisted!so i thought "What the heck" i tried it and voila power and silencer! thanks

    This worked, took maybe 2 minutes, and costs $0.05 in pennies. Great job!