Nerf Maverick Mod to Airsoft Gun





Introduction: Nerf Maverick Mod to Airsoft Gun

With duct tape, a starbucks straw (the ones in the green wrappers), and a Nerf Maverick, you can make your nerf gun a kinda wimpy airsoft gun. It has about a 99 percent fire rate though! But at least its an airsoft gun. Yay!

***UPDATE 4-8-2008***
The paint will rub off on your hands if you don't varnish it. See the silver can in the background of the lubricant pic? I used that and now paint does not rub off like it used to.

Step 1: Make the Barrel Mod

Cut the straw, tape it, and put it in. It has to be a bit shorter then the cylinder because it won't fit all the way. tape the top if you want extra support to prevent the tip from cracking. Also, don't tape it so close to the bottom of the straw.

It has to fit in snugly. test it a few times, and put it it and pull it out of the cylinder with needle nose pliers.

Step 2: Test Fire

test fire your gun to make sure it works. It's kinda wimpy, but it's better than the original! You might want to pinch the straw tips to make sure the bb stays in the straw. Also, use a nail or small screwdriver as a "ram rod" to put the bb all the way down the barrel.

Step 3: Paint (optional)

Paint your gun if you want. I used plastic paint and it adheres well. It also is kind of rough and offers a nice grip.

Step 4: Lubricate! (only If You Painted)

Lube it after 12 hours of letting the paint dry. Lube the trigger, the cylinder, the slide, inside the slide, and every moving part you can find!!! I used silicone spray lubricant.

Step 5: Done!!

Go shoot your friends with the new airsoft gun!



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    I have found that this can actually shoot q tips pretty well. especially if you break off one of the cotton ends and load it with the cotton end that is left facing into the gun

    very low. Maybe 90, 80. it SUCKS but it works better if you strech out the spring. I don't have a chronograph so I've never measured it.

     Ever head of a country called Belarus? Their guns hit 600 fps (not kidding dozens of ppl get killed or seriously injured by them).

    wher i live you can get a sniper bb gun, and it shoots at 1200 fps W/ airsoft BB's, and 2000 fps W/ metal BB's

    Getting 1200 FPS out of a plastic pellet is nigh impossible. Check your facts.

    Trust me. There's no way that an airsoft gun can shoot 1400 feet per second. A BB gun that shoots steel BBs is definitely reasonable, but ~500 FPS is the fastest an Airsoft gun can project a pellet.

    My friend has a 600 fps airsoft gun and i know personaly that its that high cuz i had a whelp behind my ear for a week

    500 is what some airsoft snipers hit like in the arena close to me the maximum fps for a sniper is 480 so Im pretty sure 500 fps is easily achieved, Im pretty sure pellet guns an shoot over 700-800 fps

    where do you find all of these airsoft. I have a 260+ FPS bullpup airsoft and thats about it other than my homemade ones

    so. just chuck a few wine bottles at the cop car behind you, and then they'll crash into a wall. I doubt you have any experience like me.

     yeah lol but you will find yourself in a sea of people screaming in different languages so think a little before you waste all of that wine.

    lolz hmm. I made a list.
    rubber ducks.
    Cheese rolls.
    brittany spears.
    they all might work.