How to Make an Airsoft Gun





Introduction: How to Make an Airsoft Gun

 Here's a short video tutorial by LukowStudios (Me included) on how to convert any front-loaded nerf, or cheap paintball gun into a fully functional high fps airsoft gun.



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    As it turns out, people of your kind also say that you cannot use a fan on a ship to blow its sail due to Newtons Laws. (also not true)

    True that you can use Fan on ship blowing it's own sail.., it has to be a Big Fan.. <<< if memory serves me correctly, MythBusters did a show on it once >>>

    i did it with a night finder nerf gun thing and it work really well

    It looks to me like it didnt puncture the paper, not that it was travelling so fast that it left only a tiny hole.

    i did it and if u squeeze it with pliers the bb will get stuck in the dent and wont roll out

    Its a splat gun or something like that my brother has one shoot nerf dart hella far

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    Hey i did the same thing to. and it will shoot a Nerf bullet/dart pretty far