Nerf Praxis Tips and Tricks



These are just some handy tips and tricks about the Nerf Praxis.


Step 1: Max Ammo

Some of you may be thinking that you can't put more than 10 discs in the Praxis, but this is wrong. It actually has a max capacity of 12 discs!
Materials:The Praxis, 12 discs(the Praxis obviously comes with 10)
1.Load the magazine with discs and put into the Praxis
2.Cock the Praxis
3.Eject the magazine while holding down Part A(look in picture 2)
4.Keep holding down Part A and load 2 more discs(you should be able to fit them in; if not, you probably did it wrong.)
5.Load magazine(Be careful! The Praxis is cocked!!)

Step 2: Fake Slam-Fire

This trick can make the Praxis shoot a lot faster. NOTE:This may make your Praxis jam more, but it shouldn't be something serious. Just use the disc eject switch on the right side.
Materials:Your loaded Praxis
1.Pull the pump action handle back all the way
2.Hold the trigger down(can be done here or when the pump action handle is moving forward)
3.Push the pump action handle forward all the way and it should fire



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