Nerf Pvc Breach

Introduction: Nerf Pvc Breach

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A pvc pipe breach can be attached to guns to make them shoot further, however it increases reload time by a short amount. Read on to make one! By the way, this is my first instructable, so as long as you aren't completely dissecting my guide, constructive criticism is welcome.

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Step 1: Supplies

For this you are going to need
A hot glue gun
1/2 inch thinwall pvc
1/2in cpvc
Electrical tape
Wire or string
A dremel with a cutting and sanding bit
A drill
A sharpie
Duct tape (optional)

Step 2: The Main Build

You are going to need 3 parts. The sheath, the tip, and the barrel. The smallest part is the tip, the medium sized white tube is the sheath, and the tan one is the barrel. To make these, first cut a large piece of 1/2 in thinwall and then cut off the very end, maybe about an inch. Next, cut a piece of 1/2 in cpvc slightly shorter, about a centimeter.

Step 3: Adding Friction

To make sure the barrel doesn't come out of the sheath, wrap electrical tape around at small intervals so that you have some friction. I've found that about four to six times around the pipe works best, though it will take some fine tuning to get it just right. Add five friction adders in the front, two for the tip to go on. The two foremost should have more electrical tape, because we don't want the tip coming off. Then, we want three more behind the front two to keep the barrel in the sheath. In back, we want two, so that they keep the barrel from coming out while we are loading. Note that the furthest back should have a little more, so that we have a good air seal.

Step 4: Adding the Tip

This step is fairly simple. All you have to do is put a little hot glue between the two front friction adders and slide on the tip. This should make sure the tip doesn't come off.

Step 5: Functionality

This step is just to check to make sure the friction adders did their job and kept the barrel in, but didn't provide too much resistance when you tried to pull. Btw no dirty comments please.

Step 6: Measuring

Put the barrel up against the sheath and take note of where it is. Put a line or dot there, as we are going to drill it soon. Line them up like so. DO NOT line up at the beginning of the barrel, but at the end of the tip.

Step 7: The Breach

Now measure a dart on the pvc sheath and cut out the area with your dremel, so you can fit a dart in on its side.

Step 8: The Stopper

Now drill a hole with a drill bit small enough to match your size of wire/string. If you are using string, tie a knot on one end, put the opposite end through the hole, and tie another knot to secure it. If using wire, twist some wire together to strengthen it, then put it through the hole. For both, hot glue the ends to minimize air loss. This stopper makes sure your dart is shoved into the barrel. Once again, keep the comments clean!

Step 9: Flaring

At the end of the barrel, use your dremel's sanding bit to flare out the edges of the barrel so the dart has an easier time going in. For the third time, no dirty jokes, and just assume if anything is dirty that you shouldn't mention it in the comments. KEEP IT CLEAN!!!

Step 10: Completion

If you did this correctly, you should end up with a breach that can open and close. To load it, pull the barrel forwards until you can fit a dart through the side. Then put a dart in, and close the breach. You have now loaded the breach! This can be used as a blowgun or as a barrel for other nerf guns that have pvc pipe couplers in them.

Step 11: Conclusion

Thank you for taking time to read this! Please share and vote if you enjoyed it, and be sure to look at my other instructables when they come out!

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    Thank you! Was it easy enough to follow?


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    Hey Jack, for future reference, us the reply button on the top left side of the comment.


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    Ok then. I was doing this on my ipod, so i didn't have that option.