Nerf Recon CS-6 Bolt Arm Mod





Introduction: Nerf Recon CS-6 Bolt Arm Mod



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    I've also made Nerf Grenades out of an orange water noodle and the handle of a Swiffer duster mop.
    I cut the water noodle into 4" sections and then cut in two lines with a utility knife. I then shaped the water noodle in to a spherical shape. I then used a clothes iron on a low setting to melt the exterior of the grenade. This will toughen the surface and give a sleek look to the grenade. * Use a water noodle that has a hole running through the center.
    I then took the handle of the Swiffer apart. It snaps together with tabs, it is three sections long ~ I measured and cut the metal Swiffer handle to the length of the water noodle grenade. I then slipped the water noodle over the length of Swiffer pipe.
    The Swiffer pipe has holes in it. I put a metal key chain ring through the holes and attached a carabiner to it. I bought two smooth metal end caps for the rough end of the pipe at Home Depot.
    I attach the grenades to my vest w/ the cararbiners. To use, grab the grenade pull off the metal Swiffer pipe, and throw.

    How it was done !

    I took the Recon apart and removed the flat headed screws that hold the cocking slide to the gun. They are silver and very short. I then used a drill to drill all the way through the hole on the slide that holds the guide screws. At this point you will have a hole straight through each half of the the grey cocking slide. The next part takes alot of patience I had to shave down the heads of the nylon bolts to fit. Once I had good clearance inside of the gun. I put the bolt through the open space in the side of the Recon with the head of the bolt on the inside reassemble the gun , put the grey slides back on with the bolts extending outside the gun. Then I put a nickel washer on each bolt a nylon spacer and finally a nylon bolt.
    Hope this helps. I'll update with more as asked. I have since replaced these bolt arms with a larger nylon bolt and put the orange plastic bolt arms from a Nerf Eagle eye on in the Nylon spacers place. It looks very stock.

    yeah thats cool but how do you make that