Nerf Recon Mod




Introduction: Nerf Recon Mod

This mod will cover will cover the air restricter removal, padding the plunger tube and the removal of unnecessary locks.

Please be aware that mods can break the gun and make it unusable so only proceed with modifying the gun if you are prepared for your gun to stop working.
I have modded almost all of my guns (10+ guns) and none are broken so it's ok if you know what your doing.

Step 1: Opening the Gun

To open the gun we need to remove all the screws including the two hidden under the cocking mechanism and the two holding the stock connector on.

~~~~ IMPORTANT!!!! ~~~~
Make sure you use the biggest screw driver that will fit so you don't risk shredding the thread or the screws!!

Step 2: Remove the Bolt Sled Assembly

Carefully pull out the bobsled assembling being careful not to lose any springs including the mainspring of the gun which tends to shoot out the back.

Step 3: Removing the AR

To remove a restrictor get a long drill bit and drill down the centre of the tube until there's nothing left in the way

Step 4: Fixing the Seal

To fix the seal we have to do two things firstly there are too small holes opposite each other near the front of the bolt sled assembly we simply tape over them to block the air from getting out. Secondly there is an O-ring at the back which is way undersize what we need to do is to remove the O-ring, tape around the assembly then put the O-ring back on top of the tape.

Alternatively you can replace the O-ring with a different thicker O-Ring.

Step 5: Padding the Plunger Tube

One problem with the recon is that the plunger tube will snap off with all the extra pressure to fix this when you to insert some foam or a small piece of felt into the back of the plunger tune to stop it from cracking. Make sure u secure this foam or felt in place.

It's best to give both parts a generous spraying with lubricant to free up the pieces and make sure they move properly.

Step 6: Removing Locks


Before we put the bolt sled system back in place we will removed to unnecessary locks on the gun these locks will allow more control over the gun for the user. The first lock we're going to remove is the clip lock which means you can take the clip in and out whenever you want the second lock is the cooking mechanism lock this allows for greater freedom of the gun.

Step 7: Putting the Gun Back Together

To put the gun back together simply put the bolt sled assembly in as we had before make sure all the springs are in then put the cover on top of the gun, for now it is ok for the mainspring to be sticking out the back of the gun.
Make sure you put the little orange accessory connector in with its spring into the cooking mechanism.
(If you want you can stretch the spring to give it a bit more power)
Now we can push the spring back into the gun.

Before putting all screws in start with just a few and check the gum works if the gun doesn't work open up and see what you have missed then put it back together and try again.

Finally we screw the gun back together.

Step 8: Finished

All done!

Just remember that nerf guns can be dangerous especially if they are modded. Do not aim at the Face or eyes make sure you are wearing protection goggles to reduce risk of injury.



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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago

    This is supposed to increase power right?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yes. Assuming you did it correctly it will increase power giving it more force and a greater distance!!