Nerf Recon Into CS-6-AR




This is my attempt to turn a Nerf recon into a more traditional assault Rifle. some of the new features include:
- extended barrel (length of copper pipe)
-new stock (taken from Nerf Tornado Strike)
-real laser sight in new "grip housing" (grip also taken from Tornado Strike)
-real working scope
the coolest idea ive had regarding this gun was to have the laser sight to be removable but only functional when attacthed. the button to opperate it is on the main body of the gun. this gun is by no means finished. the paint you see is just a base coat. i am also working on a new delivery system fo rthe darts. i seem not to be able to leave well enough alone so i will repost when the delivery system and paint are finished along with any other mods i have come up with. please feel free to comment. i do enjoy CONSTRUCTIVE ideas. every one should check out my brother ATTMOS out here as well. he's got some pretty cool Mavericks he's modded along with a number of other pretty cool inventions

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    5 Discussions

    Jim Davidson

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, looking NICE! Looks a lot like what I do! You may want to use what I do for a delivery system...Photo Below (It is all metal)...OH, dump that red laser for a 532nm Green Laser! Much more Dramatic at night and it low light! You actually see the beam!

    Recon12.JPGLight 1.JPGDSC01007.JPG
    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. still working on it. have an awesome idea for my maverick but ive got some on line learning to do before i even start. my ideas might be bigger than my ability on this one