Nerf Retaliator Conversion Into Assault Rifle (also Works for Recon)




Introduction: Nerf Retaliator Conversion Into Assault Rifle (also Works for Recon)

Hello! I'm Nerfrocketeer, also known as Nefrock', Nerf, or NK. I am an avid fan of Nerf wars, eng...

This has been done for the Recon, but not for the Retaliator- UNTIL NOW MUHAHAHA!!!

Step 1: Materialz

You will need:
Nerf Retaliator
Nerf Longstrike barrel
Nerf Raider stock

Step 2: The Breakdown

Take all attachments off the Retaliator.

Step 3: Attachmentz

Simply put the replacement barrel and stock on.

Step 4: Done...

You're done! Hooray! Congratulations! Enjoy!



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    Sorry if you thought I meant you could turn it into a REAL assault rifle... That's pretty much impossible... But if you want a dangerous gun, put thumbtacks in the ends of the darts and fire them out of a sniper modded titan. AM NOT RESRESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE. If you want to shoot something like human flesh (than youre creepy) just make some ballistic gelatin. All of those ideas are on this site so go and find them. I have no clue how to post links...hope it helps...!

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    Hey, nerfrocketeer. I made an assault rifle! I'd like you to check it out and see what you think!

    If the plunger was bigger than the gun would have to be bigger. I bet it is a stronger spring.

    I now have the pyragon, two baricades, firestrike, roughcut, retaliator and the stryfe.

    yeah, i guess it would. My personal faverite is to put modded darts in the roughcut and do slam fire