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Introduction: Nerf Roughcut Mod

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This mod will increase the versatility and range of your nerf roughcut, making it a more effective weapon. Please note that this mod does not cover how to paint it, and that this paint job my custom, so it will not be found in stores. DISCLAIMER: I will take no responsibility for any harm you do to yourself or gun by doing this mod. Always use common sense when using tools or anything else.
EDIT: I give permission to put this on the NK3A website as a mod.

Step 1: Opening the Gun

This is pretty self explanatory. Get a Phillips head screwdriver and unscrew all of the screws that you can see. You can even leave them in the shell, just unscrew them. Then lift the side with screws up and set it aside.

Step 2: Removing the Front

Now that you have opened the blaster, remove all the internals. This is really simple with the roughcut, because they are all attached to each other. Then, pull the orange front off of the main assembly. There will most likely be some goop on there, which is just lubricant, to make sure that the gun operates smoothly. Leave this stuff alone.

Step 3: Opening the Front

There are 4 screws holding this front part on. Unscrew them, but don't lose them. Then lift off the front piece. If it resists, use a flathead screwdriver to pry it off. There will be the air restrictors behind this. DO NOT THROW AWAY/REMOVE THE AIR RESTRICTORS. This gun uses the intelligent air restrictor system, so unless you want an 8-shot shotgun (Cool, but impractical), don't get rid of them. Next, remove the springs, but keep them and make sure you don't damage them. Then remove the actual air restrictors, but again, don't lose them.

Step 4: Barrel Post Removal

This is ridiculously easy. Just take a screwdriver and a hammer and use the screwdriver as a chisel and hammer the back of the barrel posts until they come out. When you are done, it should look like the picture.

Step 5:

For this part, you will need a flathead screwdriver to pry apart the front part. Then, you will see some air release holes. Cover those with duct tape, like so. Then put the front back together.

Step 6: Pretty Much Done

Now, do all of the stuff that you did to take the gun apart in reverse.

Step 7: FINISHED!!!!

Your gun should now have slightly increased performance, and you should have a better gun than before. Also, don't worry about dry firing, because the air restrictors are still in.

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    4 years ago

    does anyone have details on painting a gun?