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With this cool little nerf scope, you can have inproved cosmetics, and a new attachment. However, I will not claim that this will increase your accuracy. With that said, it does look cool, and is sure to make some of your guns look better.

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Step 1: The Base

For this part, you will need a 3/4" pvc pipe coupler and a small length of 3/4" pvc, between 3 or 4 inches. At this point, use a saw to cut the coupler in half.

Step 2: Styling

Next, attach both ends of the coupler to the main piece of pvc. Then, wrap electrical tape around it. Whatever you don't get with e-tape, use a sharpie to take care of.

Step 3: Attaching to the Clip

At this point, unscrew the top of your tactical rail clip, until you can slip some zip-ties under there. Then screw it back on. After that, use the zip ties to attach the scope. Then cut off the ends of the zip-ties.

Step 4: Uses

This just shows what this thing looks like on a longshot.

Step 5: Conclusion

By following this guide, you have made a cool nerf scope that looks pretty cool. Thanks for reading, and good luck!



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    Reply 4 years ago

    No, I dislike doing that. It's too delicate, and usually turns out to be inaccurate because it is hand done. If anything, I'll put fishing line across for crosshairs.