Nerf Singled Sledgefire

Introduction: Nerf Singled Sledgefire

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If you have the nerf sledgefire, you know it's a fun blaster, but it only comes with 3 shells, and that reloads are ridiculously long. So I have decided to remedy this (or at least make it more useful) and make the gun fire single darts!

WARNING: I will take no responsibility for if you mess up on this mod. Please note that by attempting this, you risk making your blaster inoperable and also risk injuries and/or death. Also note that this paint job is custom and I will not cover how to do it in this instructable.

Step 1: Opening Le Blaster

With really any blaster, the first step is to unscrew all the screws to get to the internals. This is pretty self explanatory. You can even keep the screws in their places, just unscrew them so that you can get to the inside. Then, use the hammer (being the hammer on the gun, not the actual tool) to pull down the barrel. Not all the way, just enough so you can lift the barrel and white shell out of the blaster. Either that, or you can open the shell inside the blaster, but I reccomend the first. There will be some clamps on the shell which you can pry apart using a flathead screwdriver. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of what you are supposed to remove, I have already removed some locks before I did this. I have removed the priming lock so I can de prime my blaster.

Step 2: The Plunger Tube

To get the plunger tube out, use a combo of twisting and pulling to get it off. Then take a medium sized drill bit and go to town on the structure holding the air restrictors in. Kudos to Velveeta Avenger of nerfhaven for the guide on how to remove the air restrictors on the sledgefire that I may may not have made a pretty boss kill with at SPANO 2014. Anyways, if you need more help, check out his mod guide on it. So to remove the air restrictors, use a drill to take out that structure, then push them out using a screwdriver. This is really hard to explain, but take a drill and go at the structure that vaguely looks like a peace sign. You should understand more if you have the blaster.

Step 3: Removable Stock (Optional)

To do this, basically sand down the stuff preventing the stock from coming out, but make sure it is still rough/big enough that it won't fall out if you're running. If it does fall out though, just use some duct or electrical tape to make it a bit tighter.

Step 4: Coupler

Now, use some epoxy putty to attach a pvc pipe coupler to the plunger tube. Make sure one end has a half inch coupler so you can attach barrels. There's really not much to say here, it's pretty self explanatory. Just note that if you epoxy around the coupler on the edge of the barrel, you are going to have to sand down the area that the plunger tube fits into so that it fits the gun.

Step 5: Priming Handle

This is how you are going to prime the blaster. Basically, cut off the barrel of the shotgun system using a dremel and then add epoxy putty on so that the gun is more comfortable to prime and the plastic ridges don't dig into your fingers.

Step 6: Put Back Together

This is pretty self explanatory. Just put the blaster back together, and you've got it.

Step 7: Conclusion

I hope you understood this well enough. I certainly had a very good time doing this mod, and I hope you do too. I did my own custom paint job, which is pretty good, if I do say so myself. Shout out to anyone I told to check this instructable out!

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