Nerf Stryfe - Disable/remove Locks, Quick and Easy

Introduction: Nerf Stryfe - Disable/remove Locks, Quick and Easy

The Nerf Stryfe is an awesome blaster, but it suffers from frequent lockups. This will show you how to quickly and easily disable the electronic and mechanical locks. This can be completed in around 10 minutes and with no soldering or rewiring. If you can operate a screwdriver, you can perform this simple modification. This will not make your blaster shoot harder or faster, but it will make it operate much more smoothly and make it more reliable.

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Step 1: What You Will Need:

you will need the following items:

a Nerf Stryfe blaster

a small philips screwdriver

about 10 minutes of time

Step 2: Open Up the Blaster

Remove all of the screws and open up the blaster. All of the screws are the same length, with the exception of the two in the tactical rail, which are shorter.

take a look around the inside and get a feel for how everything works. There are two electronic switch locks we will disable, as well as two mechanical locks we will be removing.

Step 3: Remove the Dart Lock

the dart locks stops the trigger from pulling if there is no dart in the magazine. most nerf blasters do not have this, but for some reason, the stryfe does. simply remove this plastic piece and the spring that goes with it..

Step 4: Disable the Jam Door Switch

This one is super easy and will allow you to operate the blaster with the jam door open. This makes it much easier to deal with a jammed up blaster.

There are tutorials out there for completely removing these switches and rewiring everything, but that can be overwhelming if you don't have any electronics experience. The jam door simply presses in on the switch, completing the circuit. All you need to do is make sure the switch is constantly being pressed, even when the door is open. Some people will tell you to cover it with tape, or use superglue, but all you really need to do is lift the switch up out of the plastic shell, flip it over horizontally and put it back in. just press the black part into the switch and slide it back in where it was. the plastic shell will keep it activated.

Step 5: Remove the Dart Pusher and Trigger

in order to remove the final locks, you must remove the dart pusher and trigger. There is a single screw that needs removed to take out the dart pusher. just set this piece aside and don't lose it or the spring.

once that is removed, take the screw out of the trigger and set it aside as well.

both of these items will need to be reinstalled once the final locks are removed

Step 6: Remove the Magazine Lock

There are two magazine locks. one mechanical lock and one switch. In this step we will remove the mechanical locks. these prevent the trigger from being pulled if there is no magazine in the blaster.

remove the two small silver screws and lift off the cover. set them aside for later.

once the cover is removed, lift out the two lighter colored pieces of plastic and the springs that go with them.

Step 7: Disable the Magazine Switch

there is a switch here also that prevents you from revving the motors without a magazine. just like the jam door switch, simply lift it out of the housing, flip it horizontally and reinsert it. them reinstall the plastic cover and two small silver screws

Step 8: Reinstall Trigger and Dart Pusher

reinstall the trigger and dart pusher. make sure to reattach the two screws and the spring for the dart pusher.

Step 9: Put the Blaster Back Together

test your work, you should be able to rev the blaster without a magazine and with the jam door open. once you are satisfied, simply put the shell back together and reinstall all of the screws.

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    5 Discussions


    3 months ago

    When you are removing the jam door switch, what exactly are you flipping upside down?


    10 months ago

    I was a first time modder and my strife works now. Best gun in my arsenal.


    Reply 10 months ago

    i'm glad to be of help. This is a great way to see how the internals of your stryfe works, so that way when you are ready to upgrade the motors, flywheels wiring and lipo battery, you will feel more comfortable doing it