Nerf Submachine Gun

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Hi guys. I'm here with my submachine gun. This time, I would like you to suggest a name for it. I'm horrible at naming things. First off, I would like to say that I placed a NEC Tech Sight (that is the instructable before this one) on this gun.

Step 1: Making the Gun

To make it, follow the mod guide (only worry about the stryfe) for my assault rifle. Ignore the barrel mods, this will not have an extension ofc. I will still paint this. I'm too lazy to buy another Stryfe and mod it. I will keep the paint schematic for the assault rifle on this.

Put a Raider stock on and, if you want, a Tech Sight. You can use whatever optics you want and paint it however.
In the future, I may try to make a fire selector on this. This would add full auto, the existing semi-auto, and three round burst (maybe???).

Step 2: Advice????

What else should I add/mod for this gun? What should I name it? Give your opinions. Also, suggest a paint job for this, mine kind of sucks. This summer, I will release a nerf paint tutorial for the gun (again, it's freaking Michigan. One minute it can be fifty, the next it could be twenty with snow. Summer is the safest time, even though it is spring and we've had fifties. Today it snowed, so I won't paint until I'm sure it won't get cold outside). Enjoy the gun. I thought of calling it 'Pwnage', but that's unoriginal.



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    4 years ago

    You should add a barrel attachment like the retaliator


    4 years ago

    K Thx for the suggestion. This would work better for my assault rifle tho.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Add a party popper grenade launcher to it.