Nerf Target (made of Scrap!)



Introduction: Nerf Target (made of Scrap!)

Hey guys, I'm just a 13 year old kid with a big imagination and I want to share it with the world...

Ever wanted a cool Nerf target but can't be bothered to buy one? Well look no further than the Nerf scrap target made of things in your home!

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Step 1: Equipment

You will need the following:

-sticky tape
-empty cardboard boxes (such as loo rolls, toothpaste boxes, e.t.c)
About 3 A4 sheets of paper

Step 2: Designing!

First, design your paper however you want for the target. Make sure you measure out the paper first to fit your box. Then cello tape it around your box ( when cutting out your paper make sure you make it longer than the box for the ends).

Step 3: The Ends!

For the ends, fold in a corner of paper and fold the other over the top! Easy!
If you struggle for this part, just circle around your end of box on paper and cut it out. :)

...and that's it! If you enjoyed, leave a favourite and a comment, but feel free to tell me if something is wrong. Thanks!

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3 years ago

This is neat!


3 years ago

This is really cool! Great for target practice too!