Nerf Dart Tag




In this instructable I will show you
how to play Nerf dart tag.
And also how to play Nerf capture the
flag plus other games
of my own making.

Step 1: How to Play

                                             Normal Dart Tag
it is basically a game were you go around hunting for other players to shoot.
once you do you (at least in regular dart tag) that person goes back to there base
and you try to just hit more people(expecting there are more people).but if you get
hit you go back to your base or if you play the not as fun dart tag you can't get back
up and play again
                                    capture the flag(basic)
For this game there is an electronic flag.(buy in the capture the flag package
And alot of players make it fun).what  you do is first split in to two teams The
people defending the flag
and the people trying to get it. the defenders hide the flag while the ones
trying to get the flag find a base where they can't watch the defender's hide
the flag. when both teams yell "ready!" the defending team stays were they
are to defend the flag. If you get hit you sit and count to 20. you can't do
anything while counting accept watch.if you get hit and your on the other team
then you go back to your base or sit and see who wins(matters which way you
want). if you get the flag (assuming your on the other team). you run back to your base. but an alarm goes off making you a BIG target.

                                                                    seek and disarm
on the electric flag(once again buy it in the capture the flag pack) hit the
5 or 15 mark then place the flag in a hidden place. next hit the START/STOP button.
when both teams say "READY !" one team goes to get the flag and the other
 team defends. a defending member (if hit) would once again sit down for 20 seconds or sit and watch the rest of the game .while the other team would (if hit) go back to base or watch)
but you must get the flag before the alarm goes off or the other team loses.(you have to disarm the flag before you show it to the opposing team.

                                                                        the hunter and the hunted
ok i invented this game myself and me and y friends like it alot.
what you do is split in to teams one team has only pads these are the people who get hunted
he other team is the hunters and obviously they get the guns. so what you do is the hunters give the hunted 60 seconds to hide. once the hunters have counted to 60 the hunters  go looking for the hunted and if the hunters win all the hunted people are caught and with the hunters and cannot leave.
if the hunted wins the hunted will either say they give or the optional timer could be used.

Step 2: The Weapon

usually what i use in a Nerf war is the Nerf STORMFIRE. but any gun that shoots dart tag darts will work modifications work well

Step 3: Ammo

the ammo is the most important part if you don't have ammo you cant tell whether  you died or not plus whats the fun in it without ammo.

Step 4: The Pads

the pads are used in every game i know of. they are not that important but its proof that you got hit

Step 5: The Electronic Flag

this is a crucial part in arm and disarm and capture the flag it is the flag it self it has flashing LED's and an arm and disarm mode plus a timer for extra help.



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    12 Discussions

    bendog38Robot Lover

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    No, no, no, that has a whole different set of rules. Fart Tag is a game best played in a sealed room with no a/c. Try to play with those people who excel at Fart Tennis and Fart Soccer.

    yeah i know

    9 years ago on Step 2

    Wow buddy you obviously don't spend a lot of money on nerf. And it doesn't need to fire dart tag darts, you just play with people who don't lie if they are hit. And play like two shot kills or head and chest shot kills only. Mix it up a little! At least mod the gun.

    2 replies

    9 years ago on Introduction

    This needs more "show you how". The pictures / diagrams are just the bits of kit (it looks like the camera lens might have been mucky when they were taken?)
    Can you add pictures of people playing / pretending to play?


    3 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I try to look at all the new ones, so that's a yes I suppose. You must be able to add some action-shots?



    9 years ago on Step 2

    Here are two mods you could do to the stormfire, other than remove the air resistors, you could minimize the gun by cutting off the dart holders and barrel ( do it at your own risk) and you could replace the barrel with 1/2 inch CPVC piping ( not PVC piping) and the second mod will increase your range, and ultimately help you win any war.