Nerf Mavrick Airsoft/k'nex Shooting Mod/hack

Introduction: Nerf Mavrick Airsoft/k'nex Shooting Mod/hack

This instrucable will show you how to turn your blah nerf gun into a powerful airsoft and knex shooting weapon (est 150fps)

To use a cheaper gun from the dollar store read my other instructable.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
A nerf mavric dart blaster that you don't use for dart blasting or got bored with the lame foam darts
A pen or other round tube that will fit whatever ammo you wish (standard pens fit airsoft bb's ok but not great, the knex green units work far better.)
Hot glue gun, keeps everything together
Tiny drill bit and drill
Other msc stuff you might find usefull but are not totaly needed

Keep in mind that this is how I did it, you can do it differently and just use my ideas.

Step 2: Lets Start

Let's start by taking apart the dart blaster.
And removing the 6 dart revolving barrel.

(NOTE: I have seen Nerf use different plastic colors inside their guns. Your gun may have different colors but the parts will be the same.

Then using your hot glue gun, glue the pen onto the part where the air comes out... make sure you put glue all around it so you don't let any air escape.

Step 3: Put the Pen Into the Orange Tip

Place your glued together pen and air container back into the gun (see picture).

Now we need to support the end of the new barrel.
I used an air restrictor (see someone elses instructable) to support it.
Use some hot glue.

Step 4: Almost Done

Ok, so I put it back together and found that airsoft bb's could become sucked into the air chamber. This isn't good.
So I took a very tiny drill bit and drilled a hole in the barrel as close to the back of the gun as I could. Then I placed a bent paperclip in and glued the rest of the hole shut. This seemed to keep the bb's from being sucked in quite well.

Step 5: Testing (pics)

Point blank at the underside of my arm, been 2 days now and I still have a small mark.

Point blank at some styrofoam was much less impressive.

Airsoft bb fits in there nicely. Still rolls around though, would have to use smaller pen to stop that. Just don't point it down.

Ammo choices, knex vs bb's........... knex fits in a pen better.

Step 6: Testing (vids)

Ok, so you can't see the bullet still shows the sound of it.

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    Oh I know, this was meant for people like me who are poor and their dumb parrents think I'll end up in a gang if I play with airsoft guns because they look like real guns.