Nerf Recon Vs Retaliator

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here it is the first of the range test mini series RECON VS RETALIATOR
to preform this test you will need
1.recon (duh)
2. retaliator (duh)
3. sidewalk chalk
4. measuring tape

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Step 1: Marking the Darts

first I marked two darts recon and retaliator

Step 2: Marking the Sidewalk

use the chalk and the measuring tape to mark off each foot (I started at ten feet because they obviously shoot that far)

Step 3: Preparing Guns

load the darts into each gun

Step 4:

65 24 feet less then retaliator
stand on your starting line the guns next to each other and fire!

Step 5: Results

the retaliator shot about 65 feet at a slight angle the recon shot 24 feet less at 41 feet thanks for reading

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    Cool test! :) The Retaliator got slightly better ranges for me though. I don't remember what they were, but I did a Retaliator Firing Demo Instructable a while back, for like my third ible. I wonder what the difference was...

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    Reply 2 years ago

    I removed the air restrictor on my retaliator and it increased the range by a lot. It also increased the fps it hurts a little more now.