Nerf Stryfe Mod Custom Barrel, Stock, Sight and Colour

Introduction: Nerf Stryfe Mod Custom Barrel, Stock, Sight and Colour

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This is my modded stryfe.

It has a custom scrap build stock, barrel , and good working sight.
It also has modded ammo but the internals of the stryfe are not modded.
This instructable will show you how to make this yourself. If you have made it yourself or made someting similar please post it in the comments because I love to see custom nerf guns.

PLEASE NOTE that in many countries a toy gun must have an orange tip to help police recognize them as fake/toy guns.

I AM not responsible for any damage to your blaster, darts or anything else.

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Step 1: Materials

The materials are all very cheap and easy to get.

list of materials:

  • plastic tubes(mine are from a defect knex ball tower)
  • brown or any colour tape
  • blue electrical tape for details
  • clear household foil for the sight
  • 32 mm pipe or anything similar( you need about 2 times the lenght of your hand)
  • some orange paper or tape(for the orange tip)
  • normal clear tape

All of the materials are cheap and most can be found in your house.

Step 2: The Stock and Tape Covering

Use the plastic pipe and the 32 mm pipe to form a stock.
wrap it in tape and put it at the end of your blaster.
you can attach it with tape in the lenght and tape around the pipe to make it stronger.
try not to fold the tape at the flat spots and make sure there are good batteries in the gun because the tape will block the batterie compartment.
If the stock is attached you can cover the blaster.
I used at the corners black and brown electrical tape and did the big areas with a few layers of brown mail tape.


Don't tape over these things:

  • jam door
  • the clip holder inside
  • the tactical rails

Step 3: The Barrel and Lines

The barrel is made from the same material as the stock.
Atttaching the barrel is the tricky part.
you have to balance the tube with multiple pieces of tape to make sure it is in front of the inside barrel.
This barrel doesn't affect range but also doesn't improve accuracy so far I know but it looks awesome.
Please REMEMBER to put an orange tip on it. If you make the tip from paper put some clear tape over it to prevent it from getting wet.

When you're done with the barrel you can add some lines wich restore the colours of the gun.
It really improves it looks.

Step 4: The Sight

The sight is easy to make.
first you need a piece of 32 mm pipe and some clear household foil+ a permanent marker.
Then you stretch the foil over the tube and tape it to the pipe. repeat on other side.
how to place the dot in the middle:

  • place the pipe on a piece of paper and draw the outlines.
  • the cut it out.
  • now fold the paper circle twice(it should be a quarter of the size now)
  • then unfold it and make a tiny hole where the to folding lines meet.
  • Put the paper on the foil attached to the tube and stick a permanent marker throught the hole.

You now have the dot in the middle. Bo this on both sides.

Attaching the sight:

Use two lines of tape to attach the sight. Make sure the jam door can still open freely.

Now look if the sight is alligned with the plastic sights.

Step 5: Ammo and Done

I use modified ammo.
It's really easy to make.
All you have to do is cut of the tip of the dart with a knife.
The reason why this works is because you solve the following problem:
The whistle on the dart makes it have a lift effect on one side wich makes it shoot in different directions.

It also helps to prevent jams.

Because the tips are off the darts are shorter and have a smaller chance of bumping into the clip walls.
Be aware that this could make certain guns fail.

You now have succesfully transformed you're stryfe!

Also check out my youtube channels:


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lots of fun for Nerf. Based in Amsterdam but made for everyone in the world.

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