Introduction: Nerfnerfnerf

About: I live in NZ and I like making things, fire, destroying things and pies.

This instructable is about my collection, mods and loadouts

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Step 1: Reconissance Epique

Excuse my French

This is my primary. It is a modded Nerf recon with a nitefinder integration. The nitefinder is on a tact rail and has a torch in it. The stock and barrel are unmodified, but I added a sling point to the barrel. There is a laser on top.

Step 2: Neil

This one I made for Loki

It is a strongarm with an integrated demolisher rocket launcher, hot glued together, secured with zip ties and painted badly. This is my secondary in the first load out.

Step 3: Load Out 1

In this i have the Recon, Neil, my hammer shot and my jolt. Neil goes on a bandolier kit, which also carries two extra clips, my jolt and an extra rocket. The bandolier kit goes over my shoulder, the hammer shot is clipped to my belt , and the recon I carry.

Step 4: Load Out 2(light)

I have my barricade as my primary, with the recon stock on it, and the hammer shot as secondary. The hammer shot hangs off my bandolier kit, and the barricade I carry.

Step 5: Hope You Enjoyed.

You can copy what I did by looking closely at the photos. I just forgot to take photos while I was doing the mods.

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