Nes Recycle in Station HDD 3.5".




Introduction: Nes Recycle in Station HDD 3.5".

Hello everybody, I propose for my first comment, to recycle an old console NES out of order; in station() for hard disk sata 3.5".


-old console
-Old hdd extern, damaged plastic

-Usb cable

-1x resistor

-glue gun

-soldering iron

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Step 1: Disassemble the Console !

-Disassemble all the console,

-And to separate the trolley blows up of the mother card.

-Get back the circuit usb/sata from the old case hdd

Step 2: Fix the Circuit !

Fix the circuit usb / sata to the support of the console.

Attention has what the hdd brings in good without forcing

-Soldered external transformer to power switch of NES.

-Soldered resistor to LED of NES in // to transormer and switch.

-install usb extension to port gamepad of NES.

- Glue usb port.

Step 3: Fix All Part !!

-Fix the support with usb /sata on the same screws.

-Fix extern power source.

Step 4: Congratulations !!!

The console is ready to accept sata hdd 3.5" and Usb extension.

Thank you for having read me!!, excuse my translation!!!

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