Nest Boxes With Acess Doors From Buckets...




Make a nest box with buckets from your local deli... We like the square ones - they smell like buttercream :)

Step 1: Materials

Bucket with a lid
Hot Glue Gun (Industrial High Heat)
Zip Ties
Jig Saw

Step 2: From Inside the Coop....

In our case we wanted them to work as an insert into the wall of the coop we reach in from a hinged lid from the outside...

Step 3: Mark for the Inside the Coop Lip... This Keeps the Nestin Materials In.

Mark 2in up from the short side... Cut and save the bottom of the bucket this will be door for the lid side...

Step 4: Lined Ready for the Door Assembly

I lined them with coconut fiber cloth

Step 5: Remove the Lid and Mark for the "reach In" Barn Side Acess...

Find the center and mark a door that will be a few inches smaller then the bottom of the bucket from the first step... Cut the center out of the lid...

Step 6: Trim and Fit the Now Door...

Trim a 1/2 inch off each side of the bottom of the bucket that is now the door... Drill three holes - 2 for the hinges (zip tie) and one for the magnetic catch (washer).

Step 7: The Magnet Is the Weight to Close the Door

Glue the magnet to the INSIDE of the lid...

Step 8: The Lid Should Swing in and Close by Gravity and Stay Closed From the Magnet...

Cut a hole in the wall of the coop the size of the bucket wothout the rim - insert the buckt secure and the place the lid on - snap it will be ready to leave your birds a nice place to nest... when you clean it out just snap off the lid and clean - when gathering eggs push through the door and let the magnet close things up for you...

Step 9: Finished

Happy nesting...

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Here are some pictures of a clean out...


    2 years ago

    Very clever & creative. Well done with the photo selection, too! ;-)


    2 years ago

    Thanks sorry for all the spelling and typos - this was done with our three year old making sure I used the right pictures standing in my lap while I posted... Lots of local large box stores have buckets available to good homes - or even bad ones if you consider the hacking we do around here!!!


    2 years ago

    Great bucket hack!! This is really great!