Nether Portal





Introduction: Nether Portal

Get 4 gold blocks

Step 1: Nether Portal

Get cobblestone put 5 of them down like shown

Step 2: Nether Portal

Put 1 cobblestone on each of the gold blocks

Step 3: Nether Portal

Put 2 more cobblestone blocks in the middle of the ones on top of the gold then place a nether recreator cove in the middle

Step 4: Nether Portal

Then u put one cobblestone on top of the nether recreator cove then u attatch one block on each side

Step 5:

Wella u have ur portal deffinitly works in survival sometimes works on creative mode



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    5 Discussions

    What seed did you use to get all the diamond and gold?

    2 replies

    Try the farm of ender no capital letter